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OX40L contributes to lupus by promoting Tfh response

OX40, as known as CD134 or TNF receptor superfamily member 4(TNFRSF4), is a co-stimulatory molecule expressed on the activated T-cells.Through the interation with its ligands, OX40L expressed on activated APC,OX40L-OX40 induces signal to further activate T-cells.  

Recent Immunity paper showed the OX40 ligand (OX40L)-OX40 axis contributes to the aberrant T follicular helper (Tfh) response in in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). OX40Lwas expressed by myeloid APCs, but not B cells, in blood and in inflamedtissues in SLE patients. The percentage of OX40L-expressing myeloid APCs inblood positively correlated with severity of symptom and the percentage of ICOS+blood Tfh cells in SLE. OX40-medicated signals induced naive and memory CD4+T cells to express Tfh cell molecules and gain the Tfh-likefunction, to activate B cells. The activated myeloid APC by immune complexescontaining RNA induced OX40L expression through TLR7 signaling pathway. Thestudy provides the evidence suggesting OX40L-OX40 axis is a therapeutic targetfor SLE.

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