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Function of ubiquitination in signaling pathways involved inimmune system

Ubiquitination is one major post-translational modification, which leads to the degradation of target protein, or forming signaling complex to affect downstream signaling events. This process is balanced by ubiquitin E1/E2/E3 enzyme complex that conjugates ubiquitin to their substrate,and deubiquitinase (DUB) which removes ubiquitin chain from target protein.

Ubiquitination plays critical roles in numerous signaling pathways, including NF-kB, TLRs, RIG1, STING, TCR/BCR etc which control the immune response. Previously, we identified a new DUB, Otud7b as a key regulator of non-canonical NF-kB pathway by targeting TRAF3. In vivo study indicated Otud7b controlled the lymphoid organ development, intestinal immune response aganist bacterial infection and antibody production (Nature 2013). We will continue to work on the function of Otud7b in regulation immune homeostasis.

Non-canonical NF-kB in immune system.

NF-kB has been discovered for nearly 30 years, which consists a family oftranscription factors that control almost all the stress and infectionresponse. Based on the activation mechanism, NF-kB pathway is divided intocanonical and non-canonical NF-kB pathways. Canonical NF-kB is activated by variousstimuli and the transcription activity depends on the phosphorylation andformation of IKKs complex and degradation of IkB. The RelA/p50 dimer will bereleased and translocate into nucleus to activation gene expression. Meanwhile,the activation of non-canonical NF-kB is only induced through TNF receptorsuper family (TNFRSF). The engagement of TNFRSF and its ligands triggers thedegradation of TRAF3, resulting in liberating and accumulation of NIK. Then NIKactivates IKKa and causes the phosphorylation and processing of p100 into p52.RelB/p52 dimer will translocate into nucleus for target gene expression.

In immune system, non-canonical NF-kB has important functions, such as in B-celldevelopment and survival, lymphoid organ development, etc. We reported thatnon-canonical NF-kB is critical for ICOSL expression in B-cell, which provides supportivesignaling through ICOSL-ICOS to T cell, for Tfh (follicular T help cell) developmentand humoral immune response (PNAS, 2010).

In the study of function of TRAF3 in Treg cell, we demonstrated a new mechanism by which TRAF3 regulated TCR activated ERK-AP1 pathway and ICOS expression in Treg. TRAF3 deficient Treg cell have defected Tfr (follicular regulatory T cell) development and suppressive function (JEM, 2014).

We will further investigate the function of non-canonical NF-kB pathway in immune system, especially in mucosal immunity and immune homeostasis.


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