Hu & Zhang Lab
The State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy Si-Chuan University

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Postions of gradaute students and post-docs are available. Highly motivated students and PhDs who are interested in cell biology and immunology research are strongly encouraged to apply. Please send your CV and cover letter to


Dr. Hongbo Hu's lab in the State Key Laboratory of Biothearpy, Si-Chuan University is the right place to do great research and enjoy the life!

The major focus of the lab is to study the molecular and cellular mechanisms regulating immune response and homeostasis, using unique animal models. Our goal is to seek the novel targets and strategies to treat infectious disease,  auto-immune disease and cancer.

Well, we are NOT weirdos locking ourselves in lab all day long. As the fact of matter, we love sports, music, movies, literature, travel, video games and everything inspires us and keeps us moving forward.

No need to say anything more about the life in Chengdu because the words are flat and pale,let's explore the city, feel the city.